We are working on this part. But we can for sure recommend the following. 

There are good restaurants in the area, and i can recommend:






If you want to try to catch your own fish, i will recommend a day on the ocean on one of the following boats http://www.skagerak-t248.dk/ or http://www.gule-rev.dk/ or http://www.ny-mini.dk/ or http://www.ivanslystfiskeri.dk/ 

Horseback ride. Stutteri Korreborg is the best place. They have good Icelandic horses, and horses with a lot of energy.The address for the GPS is Fjuegårdsvej 3 Svankjær, 7755 Bedsted Thy. Phone number +45 86 68 53 15

If you play Golf, there are 3 lanes in the area. 

It is possible to find a lot of other informations on www.visitthy.dk 

In Agger there are a small grocery, and they have fresh baked morning bread. Rundstykker. 
In Hurup you will find a Supermarket with the name Meny, with a large selection. Address for the GPS Jernbanegade 7, 7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark. In Hurup there are a butcher as well. 
On the harbour in Agger is it possible to buy fresh fish every day before 12.00
In Vorupør is it possible to buy fresh fish. This place will i recommend. They have a larger selection. 

In Hurup there are a well ness center. Address for the GPS Idrætsvej 5, 7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark www.sydthykurbad.dk

Daytrip to AArhus