We are working on this part. But we can for sure recommend the following. 

The Sculpture Festival are running from from August 4th to 31rd https://aggerby.dk/skulpturfestivalen-hoefde-90/ 

In Vorupør you will find the ocean bath. Here you will find calm ocean water https://www.visitthy.dk/havbad-i-vorupoer-gdk856569 

Per Madsens Kær is a fresh water lake for open air bathing. It is a great place for small kids http://green.thisted.dk/per-madsens-kaer/

The north sea Aquarium Zoo is located In Vorupør http://north-sea.dk/en/ 

The Coast centre is located in Thyborøn http://www.kystcentret.dk

Sydthy Indoor public swimming pool http://www.sydthy-svbad.dk/index.php

Jesper Hus resort https://www.jesperhus.dk

There are good restaurants in the area, and i can recommend:

https://www.aggerdarling.dk Is located just 1500 meters away from the houses. Please order table. 






If you want to try to catch your own fish, i will recommend a day on the ocean on one of the following boats http://www.skagerak-t248.dk/ or http://www.gule-rev.dk/ or http://www.ny-mini.dk/ or http://www.ivanslystfiskeri.dk/ 

Horseback ride. Stutteri Korreborg is the best place. They have good Icelandic horses, and horses with a lot of energy.The address for the GPS is Fjuegårdsvej 3 Svankjær, 7755 Bedsted Thy. Phone number +45 86 68 53 15

If you play Golf, there are 3 lanes in the area. 

It is possible to find a lot of other informations on www.visitthy.dk 

In Agger there are a small grocery, and they have fresh baked morning bread. Rundstykker. 
In Hurup you will find a Supermarket with the name Meny, with a large selection. Address for the GPS Jernbanegade 7, 7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark.
In Hurup there are a butcher as well. http://www.hurupslagter.dk
On the harbour in Agger is it possible to buy fresh fish every day before 12.00
In Vorupør is it possible to buy fresh fish. This place will i recommend. They have a larger selection. 

In Hurup there are a well ness center. Address for the GPS Idrætsvej 5, 7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark www.sydthykurbad.dk

Daytrip to AArhus